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has warned of a "full-blown"

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1. יש לפרסם פוסט במקום המיועד לו ובפורום המתאים.
2. יש לשמור על שפת שיח ראויה לרבות הפירוט הבא - אין לקלל, לגדף, להטריד או להעליב חברים בפורום.
3. אנו לא פלטפורמת שיווק ולכן אין לפרסם או לשווק שום מוצר/שירות/אחר ללא אישור מפורש מצוות הניהול.
4. הבנת הנקרא - בכל פרסום נושא חדש יש להקפיד על כותרת שתתאים לתוכן הנושא.
5. זכויות יוצרים - אין לפרסם או לבקש לינקים/קובצי הרחבות העוסקים בשידורי ספורט ותכנים המפרים זכויות יוצרים בישראל - בכל ספק יש לפנות לאחראי הקבוצה בטרם פרסום.
6. למען כולנו - תגיבו בצורה עיניינית ומקיפה ככל הניתן. אם יש בעיה ציינו את הבעיה, את סוג המכשיר וכו
7. אין לדבר על שידורי ספורט או לבקש לינקים שמשדרים ספורט.

לדיווח על על פוסט המפר זכויות יוצרים/פוגעני או כל דבר אחר יש לשלוח הודעה פרטית לבעלי הפורום : katsinmod
העובר על חוקים אלו עלול לקבל אזהרה ואף עלול להיות מורחק מהפורום באופן מיידי.
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קודיסט מתמחה
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has warned of a "full-blown"

הודעה#1 » 18 יולי 2018, 04:55

DUBLIN, Aug. 2 (Xinhua) -- Ireland's main business organization Ibec has warned of a "full-blown" Brexit currency crisis, which has left many key export businesses reeling, with jobs already under threat.

The warning came as a new survey of over 450 businesses highlighted the intense currency strain on exporters following the British vote to leave the European Union.

The survey found the main concern is the sharp fall in the value of sterling, and almost half (45 percent) of all businesses saw this as the main threat.

It also found cheaper British imports was cited as the biggest risk by one third of respondents (33 percent).

According to Ibec's analysis, a 1 percent weakness in sterling results in a 0.7 percent drop in Irish exports to Britain.

If sterling was to weaken further towards the 0.9 pound mark, this would translate to losses of over 700 million euros in food exports and about 7,500 Irish jobs in that sector alone, Ibec said.

"The Brexit strain is manifest and intense. Without urgent action to address competitive pressures, hundreds of millions of euro worth of exports and thousands of Irish jobs will be lost," said Ibec Director of Policy Fergal O'Brien.

"This is now a full blown currency crisis. For exporters, the speed of sterling's decline is on a par with the 1992 currency crisis. Irish exporters to the UK are already 15 percent less competitive and things could get much worse," he said.

O'Brien demanded a national response to the Brexit currency shock, saying that an urgent and meaningful government response is needed to address the immediate currency crisis and longer-term competitiveness challenge that Brexit poses.

"The UK will be more aggressive in its tax and investment policy once outside the EU. Ireland needs to match and exceed its offering," he said.

SHANGHAI, July 21 (Xinhua) -- Manchester United's Jose Mourinho refused to answer questions on signing Juventus's Paul Pogba here on Thursday at the press conference before Friday's match between the Red Devils and Borussia Dortmund.

Mourinho was asked directly at the press conference about Pogba's transfer.

"I don't confirm and I don't deny. I cannot tell you," Mourinho said. "I don't think it's correct to speak about players of other clubs, and he's a Juventus player and not a Manchester United player."

"The only thing I can tell you is that my board, my directors they did fantastic work to do 75 percent of the job I asked them to do," said Mourinho. "I asked them for four players. To be more accurate, I asked them for four or five players I need. I gave them a few options and they did for me 75 percent of the job with (Zlatan) Ibrahimovic, (Henrikh) Mikitharyan and (Eric) Bailly and they have just 25 percent to do until Aug. 31."

"We are calm. We have three faces to fill the profile. I am confident Mr Woodward will get the player we need to get a good balance," said Mourinho.

UK media reported that United executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward had pulled out of the club's pre-season tour to China so he could meet and agree personal terms with Pogba's agent.

It is said that the French international will cost the club a record-breaking 119 million euros to land the midfielder. The previous world record fee was the 85 million pounds paid by Real Madrid for Gareth Bale in 2013. Enditem

MEXICO CITYWASHINGTON http://www.edmontonoilersteamstore.com/adidas-ty-rattie-jersey , Sept. 7 (Xinhua) -- Hurricane Irma hammered Puerto Rico with heavy rain and powerful winds Wednesday night after smashing several small Caribbean islands, and killing at least four people.

Irma, one of the most powerful Atlantic storms in a century http://www.edmontonoilersteamstore.com/adidas-ryan-strome-jersey , has left nearly 900,000 people without power in Puerto Rico. At least four people were reported killed on four different Caribbean islands.

The dual-island nation of Antigua and Barbuda was especially hard hit.Antigua and Barbuda Prime Minister Gaston Browne said nearly every building on Barbuda was leveled when the hurricane's core crossed almost directly over the island early Wednesday and about 60 percent of the island's roughly 1,800 people are homeless.

Irma http://www.edmontonoilersteamstore.com/adidas-ryan-stanton-jersey , with maximum sustained wind speed of around 250 km per hour (kmh), was on track this weekend to reach the U.S. State of Florida, where evacuation has started.

Miami-Dade County officials are advising residents living in low-lying areas to start evacuating Wednesday http://www.edmontonoilersteamstore.com/adidas-ryan-smyth-jersey , as well as individuals with special needs in Miami, according to the Florida Division of Emergency Management.

Monroe County, which lies on the southern tip of the Florida Peninsula including the Florida Keys http://www.edmontonoilersteamstore.com/adidas-ryan-nugent-hopkins-jersey , issued a mandatory evacuation order for visitors starting Wednesday morning, and for residents starting from that evening.

Broward County, to the North of Miami-Dade County http://www.edmontonoilersteamstore.com/adidas-paul-coffey-jersey , said all residents east of U.S. Route One must evacuate starting at noon Thursday.

The orders of evacuation come as the National Hurricane center modified the pathway of Hurricane Irma to cover the entire Florida peninsula after landing near Miami.

Rick Scott, Florida's Governor, warned in a news conference Wednesday afternoon in Monroe County that Floridians should take the hurricane seriously and not to take chances.

"The track now has a forecast of direct impact on the Florida Keys on Sunday as a devastating major hurricane. The Florida Keys should be prepared to start feeling the effects of this storm as early as Saturday http://www.edmontonoilersteamstore.com/adidas-patrick-maroon-jersey ," he said.

"A storm of this size could have effects statewide and everyone must be prepared...we all have to understand that this is serious and we cannot take chances," he said.

Scott said some 6,000 National Guards will be reporting to duty state wide.

"Storm surge and extreme winds are the biggest concern right now. This storm is bigger http://www.edmontonoilersteamstore.com/adidas-oscar-klefbom-jersey , faster and stronger than Hurricane Andrew," Scott said.


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