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BETA-CAE Systems v18.1.3 (x64) 2018

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BETA-CAE Systems v18.1.3 (x64) 2018

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[center]BETA-CAE Systems v18.1.3 (x64) 2018


BETA-CAE Systems v18.1.3 (x64) 2018
x64 | Language:English | File Size: 1.98 GB

Version 18 of the BETA suite contains old favorites such as ANSA, EPILYSIS and META, as well as a new product dubbed KOMVOS-SDM Console. For those unfamiliar with this software package, here's a brief summary and an overview of the new updates.

ANSA is a CAE pre-processing tool that takes existing CAD data from various other software (e.g., Catia, NX and Pro-E) and cleans the data up and meshes it ready for use in the FEA solver. The updates to ANSA v18.0.0 include a remote viewer, which enables users to control ANSA on their PCs from mobile devices anywhere in the world. In addition, ANSA includes updates to meshing that allow mid-surfacing capabilities, a new Align Manager fixing tool and new algorithms for extrusions.

EPILYSIS is the proprietary FEA solver that lets users run a variety of simulations, including structural linear, dynamic and nonlinear, and is designed to be used with high performance computing (HPC) systems. New updates include performance enhancements, new contact simulation methods and a bunch of new tools aimed at the automotive industry,such as a new mode for dummy seat penetration that models spring deformation under the seat model (for crash simulations).

META is the post-processing package that allows users to clean up the results of their simulations, and add pretty 3D graphics based on results from a range of popular solvers, including Fluent and OpenFOAM. The new version includes a new animation bar, the ability for remote control using a mobile device, and new visualization enhancements such as rendering materials and new lighting modes.

And the new addition, KOMVOS-SDM Console, provides users with new simulation data management tools that allow for interactive browsing, visualization and handling of all data related to the CAE simulation analysis, which in turn makes it easy to generate results and reports.

Enhancements and known issues resolved in ANSA:

Enhancements in ANSA
- Model Browser
Replace > Part/Subsystem: The mapping of solid properties is now supported while the mapping of solid elements has been further improved.
- Safety
New offset options have been introduced for the correct marking of the seat impact area for ECER17.
- CAD to ANSA Translators
NX12 files are now supported using the NXOpen libraries.
Known issues resolved in ANSA:
- General
Utilities >Transform: This function could occasionally lead to corrupted database, when applied on a model that contained volumes.
- Model Browser
Connections: After Converting FE to Connections, the contact used by the connection would not appear in the Model Browser as related to the connected Parts.
- File > Input, Merge: All connections read would be offset by the maximum current connection ID. This could lead to connections quickly getting huge IDs. Subsequently, once the max ID reached the 2^31 limit, no additional connections could be created.
- FE Representations > NASTRAN CWELD: Duplicate CWELDs could be created upon the realization of such connections when the specified spacing was smaller than the existing element length.
- Volume Mesh
Scripting > mesh.VolumesMeshV():
. Invalid argument would lead to unexpected termination.
. Execution in nogui mode could lead to unexpected termination.
- Batch Meshing
General: When both connected multi-instantiated parts and frozen mesh existed, "Synchronize representation" or "Batch Mesh" could lead to unexpected termination.
- Decks
Output: ANSA would occasionally cease to respond during File > Output of *.gz files in case of insufficient disk space.

Enhancements and known issues resolved in META

Enhancements in META
- Curves
Support of *CONSTRAINED_SPR2 elements results (Failure, Length, Resultant Moment) when loading from swforc and binout LS- DYNA files.
- NVH Calculators
When requesting animations from the FRF Assembly tool, the rigid body components were animated with zero displacements. They are now calculated based on their geometrical characteristics.
- Modal Parameter Estimation
A button has been added to collect all poles of last order without having to explicitly pick them with the mouse.
Known issues resolved in META
- General
The shortcut "Ctrl + Left/Right Arrows" to switch visibility, could be applied in wrong states.
- Curves
Curves from LS-DYNA elout files with solid strain results might not be read correctly. Performance improvement in Copying - Pasting curves.
- Curve Functions
Type Min was incorrectly calculated in case the "Apply on X-range" did not match a curve point.
- Project Files
Saving project with states created by User Field Function failed to save all states.

System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even or newer

Whats New

https://www.beta-cae.com/news/20180924_ ... 18.1.3.htm



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